Grain Cleaning Samples

See It For Yourself

We believe in the product we sell. The GCS Grain Cleaner does a marvelous job at a wide range of grains but it does not do everything. The best way to see how it performs is to run samples and show the results. These pictures are all from a single run through the machine.

Want to know how the GCS Grain Cleaner performs? Send us a 20L sample of your grain and we will run it through the machine. If you cannot get to us in person, simply ship the sample and we will send you photos and video of it being cleaned.

At CRT Farmfest 2018 in Toowoomba a farmer brought by some peanuts to trial in the GCS Cleaner. Unfortunately the opening on the 5t display model we had there was too small to reliably feed the peanuts without bridging so we brought back a sample to test in a 10t machine.

The 10t grain cleaner worked a treat for feeding the peanuts with its much larger opening. Because of the larger machine we needed a larger sample size and that caused an issue with the primary chute overflowing the bucket, causing some full peanuts to carry over to the third chute.

This test was done as a once-off at 40 with no fine tuning.


First Chute
Clumps of dirt, a few peanuts that may have fallen in when the second chute filled up.
Second Chute
Majority of peanuts, all shells had at least one peanut.
Third Chute
High number of good peanuts likely from overflow of second chute. Higher rates of single nuts.
Fourth Chute
Empty shells, sticks, vegetation